What Justice Ricchetti had to say
about Nancy Rogers: 

"Ms. Rogers is a Specialist in Investigative and Forensic Accounting, a Chartered Business Valuator and a Chartered Accountant.  Ms. Rogers has testified on numerous occasions in court as an expert in valuation issues.  She has written and presented extensively on forensic accounting and business valuation issues.  …


I accept Ms. Rogers' evidence.


In my view, Ms. Rogers used the proper valuation approach.  She is an experienced Chartered Business Valuator who properly applied the appropriate valuation principles to reach a reasonable valuation range.  Ms. Rogers' evidence was unbiased in favour of either party.  She was unshaken in cross-examination.  Ms. Rogers' valuation opinion provided a conservative and reasonable valuation…. I accept this valuation."


El Feky v. Halal Meat Inc. et al, 2013 ONSC 1314




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Nancy Rogers